The intraoral camera takes advanced quality images that help you with digital diagnostics and patient education. With its one-click image capture and auto-focus capabilities, Schick USBCam4 features high-quality images ranging from extreme close-up to full arch, quickly and easily.

​Advanced Technology 

The VELscope Vx is a wireless, handheld scope that uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance the way clinicians visualize oral mucosal abnormalities that might not be apparent or even visible to the naked eye.

The VELscope Vx helps us identify oral disease early, while it's still easy to treat.  One of the VELscope's most important tasks is to help locate areas that might, if not treated, progress to oral cancer. Finding oral cancer in its early stages is key to survival. When found early, oral cancer's 5-year survival rate is approximately 83%. When found late, oral cancer's 5 -year  survival rate is only 32%. 

The ezlase is designed for various dental applications which involve, but are not limited to, recontouring gum tissue (works very well around erupting wisdom teeth), frenectomies, removal of soft tissue "lumps", and decreasing healing time and recurrence of cold sores. When used properly the use of the ezlase is as safe as any other dental procedure.

The biggest benefit noted by patients is its use to treat cold sores. When used on a cold sore within the first 1-3 days (the sooner the better), the discomfort and healing time is greatly reduced. The ezlase does this by heating the skin in the area of the developing sore. This dries out the skin as well as killing off some of the virus and infected skin cells. The result is skipping past the itchy blistering stage of the sore to the scabbing healing stage of the sore. By reducing the time of the blistering stage, this helps to decrease the potential spread of the virus causing the sore, to surrounding areas.

The instant the DentalVibe comfort tip touches the gum tissue, it creates a vibration that sends a signal to the sensory area of the brain. Within 10 seconds, this signal closes the pain gate, blocking the sensation of pain in patients.

Our office focuses on offering treatments designed to provide optimal patient comfort, through the use of innovative technology such as digital radiology  and the devices shown below. Please check out the information on this page to learn more about some of the many advancements in dental care we incorporate into our practice.

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